Good Friday

April 11, 2009

If I'm in CHS now..then I got holiday!! sighh!! I want CHS!!! RAWR!!

I'm supposed to go for Meu Ye's early birthday celebration!!! But The Curve is too far from my house and Wei Lon left early to fetch Meu Ye so I couldn't follow his car..besides,I'm not feeling well!! So sad larh I missed all the fun!! T___T

Today is my elder's brother birthday..yesterday was the celebrations with his friend..
the yummy yummy chocolate cake!!!
Koon Rui - Liki - Theng Jee - Theng Jian

After having dinner with my family,Koon Rui,my both brother and I went to Midvalley to watchShinjuku Incident!! It's 18PL but my younger bro sneaked caught..Koon Rui went and talked to the manager..oh-my-god..Koon Rui you very yeng ar!!

That movie is really violent lar T___T I was shocked cz I didn't know what is the movie about..but it was nice and meaningful movie..people!! I drove!! I drove!! I parked in the shopping mall for the 3rd time!! so proud eh..LOL..but my parking really sucks lar least I drove to shopping mall b4..not like Lily,drove almost half a year but stil haven't drove to shopping mall XP

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