Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang 2009

April 18, 2009

It's my second time attending the Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang in my school..Not including my performances lar then it should be the second time..the first time was when I get straight As' for PMR..Kah Men was there with me =)
back in year 2006..Omg..see how young we all looked! Wei Ji-Kah Men-Liki-Wei Chuen

I'm not late for the ceremony!! weeeeeeeeeee~ I reached on time and registered myself..funny thing is,when they asked me how many As' I get,I forgot LOL! The form6 guys looked at me like I'm joking or what..however,I managed to find my name in the list haha! I did get nervous when I forget how many As' I had in SPM..~_~
the hall
Kong Weng and Liki
while waiting: Kong Weng - Astin - Hui Wen - CJ - Liki - Yuan Ning - Calvin
Liki and Yuan Ning,she's in the same college as me!! XD
I don't know who the guy is but..nvm..LOL

In my school,2 ppl got 14A,12 people got 13A,44 ppl for 12A,68 ppl got 11A,40 ppl got 10A and 50 ppl got in total,216ppl in my skl get 9As' and above..*omg,I'm becoming math geek already!!* It's really happy to see everyone again..CJ came back from NS summore!! So cute la with his bold head!! haha!! After taking prizes,Wen Jie,Chin Ming,CJ,Leon and I sat in girls canteen and wrote a reply letter to our beloved Kah Men in Japan..everyone walked pass and asked us what we're doing..Don't worry Carmen! We're sending over the letter by the coming week! Check your mailbox!! =)
#1 This is for you,Kah Men
#2 spot the difference? (hint:Cj's cap)

Carmen,you prefer which photo? #1 or #2?
weeeeee~ while waiting for my mom I camwhore a bit XD
my trophy ^^

I did not hang out anyway after taking my trophy and certificate because I just realised I have Malaysian Studies test to finished and need to hand in by 7pm tonight!! And I'm feeling tired too..I came home,took a shower then nap already..almost woke up late to finish my Malaysian Studies..luckily Brynn called! If not I think I overslept already >.< Ahhh,anyway I finished my Malaysian Studies test already!! and owh,just realised still have physics,chemistry and math homework! Die lor~

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