April 27, 2009

The tale of colours..It's another production of the Youth Ministries of FGA KL..Lily and I almost forget about the show!
Paroimia means parable..A parable is a story with deeper meaning; a meaning that goes beyond the words used or the story-telling methods employed

The show starts at 6pm at Wisma FGA KL,where I had my dance competition with Shi Ning last time..but it's in the main sanctuary hall this time..The light and stage management was great!! I love the lighting and sounds effects! damn yeng!
haha..this guy's voice damn high pitch!
dancing waltz..
I love the background..
look at them shine!
Lily and Liki

Went home straight after dinner..I haven't finished my homework and tomorrow got college!! T_____T Owh..I bought cupcakes yesterday..and I ate it..the cupcake was so cute till I don't feel like eating it LOL

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