Stupid Me

April 08, 2009

OMG!! I thought I experienced the worst day of my life ever this year..ended up it became the funniest day this year!!

I drove to college as usual..I drove to college every Monday and Tuesday using my car and other days Lily or I will drive her brown saga..So today I drove to college myself cause Lily's class starts late and she couldn't wake up XD..Anyway,I entered college and dang,the parking was I park outside the shoplots..Today is the A-Levels Math & Logic Challenge Competition..I was given a task to be the scorekeeper..I was late..but not that late XP

I left my bright yellow bag in the Academic Staff Room..then walked around,chat and do my duty..After that,Zhi Yuen took my yellow bag and returned it to me cz he says my bag is the only bag left in the staff room..So fine..I went Sunway Pyramid after having free lunch in NE 3-2..I did not skip musical practise also..

Zhi Yuen said he could fetch me to the place where I parked my car cz it was too far and it's dark already (7something pm)..and when I said "let me prepared some money to pay toll"..and that's when I realised I lost my pink purse!! Oh GOSH!! I didn't opened my bag at all because I don't even use a cent the whole day!! I got so panicked!! Zhi Yuen searched my bright yellow bag and I search my car..Zhi Yuen texted Mr.Kingsley to asked if I left it in Physics Lab too! I searched everywhere with Zhi Yuen's help..and I just couldn't find it!

It was too late already and Zhi Yuen suggested me to go home and checked properly..I drove back to college,phone Sarah and asked her help to search in college together..but..we just couldn't find I made a report in Sunway Security Centre and drove back home..I told my mom what happened and she took me to police station to made a report about it because my IC,driving license,Sunway student card..and everything is inside!!

After making report,I was quite emo..when I was brushing my teeth,my mom knocked my room door..I was like "what..." with a very down voice..I opened the door,holding a tooth brush..and my mom was standing in front of me holding my pink purse! I was stunt! She said she found it at the side of the car!not the driver seat!

LOL! My mom and I looked at each other and started laughing..tomorrow we have to go police station again to cancel the report..HAHAHA! and I really got panicked and sad!! I will be extra careful..and my mom gave me new bag because she said my bright yellow bag is too small..HAHA

oh ya,the winner of Sunway A-Levels Math & Logic Challenge Competition is SMJK Katholik!! Representation sent is Tham Ying Hong(form 3)-the youngest one and Fiona Tay(form4)-the only girl that won..Felt so proud!! Congratulations once again to SMJK Katholik!! =)

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