Sunshine Of My Life

April 22, 2009

People says,friends are sibling who God failed to make

When I first step in CHS is form1,I was a bitch..No..I'm not joking,I WAS a bitch..CJ keeps mentioning it till now..haha! Entering CHS is something that affects my life entirely..and especially being in class 2A4 in year 2005..that's where my life journey truly begins..
Never had I've seen anyone who's so close like us before..Never I've had such people that gives such a big impact in my life..All my firsts' given to them ar!! My first time to cinema with friends,first time celebrating birthday party in my house,first time laughing at silly jokes till cried,etc..They were there to guide and assist me through hardtime..They're always there for me when I needed them..and no matter how tough the life is,we're always there for each other..
my lucky charm =)

Time flies,we've already been one gang together for 4years (and still counting) when I looked back..we've changed much..We find our true self from each sharing our laughter and joy..darkness and sorrowness..We accepted for who we are and what we were..We shared even for darkest secret and yet keep it to ourselves..I don't know how to describe such a special bond between my friends and I..
Although we do argue sometimes,we learned to forgive and accept apologies because we know that we needed each other..we care for each other..Do you know that our gathering is rather special?haha! We celebrate ALL types of celebration..Yeap,even Thaipusam,Hari Raya,etc...LOL No la..I don't know..haha! We spent too much time together! And I never get bored..I remembered we celebrated Mooncake Festival,Christmas,New Year and that became part of our routine already..Every year,we'll be celebrate my birthday and Christmas..every year since 2005..
You know the recent Malacca Trip I've went with them? It was adventurous and fun..although it's just 3 days,I really enjoyed and appreciate the moment with them..It's the one of the best trip in my life besides Pangkor Trip in year 2005 with them..Just the same bunch of ppl going for a fun could it be? Let me tell you, each of them are really unique,lovely,caring,fun and friendly..I can just be myself whenever I'm with them..The real me..I don't have to pretend..
We were so close that we even forget our own gender LOL!

Looking back at all the sweet memories..We've all grown up..heading to our own destination..We're no longer the high school kid,in school uniform,jumping up and down..Now that we left high school we're still as close as before with each other..our friendship are still going strong and steady..
Thanks for completing my life ^^

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