The Best Mirror Is An Old Friend

May 03, 2009

We went for the Penang Baba & Nyonya Culture talk in YCA..I don't wanna comment about the talk lalalalala~ I prefer the Malacca Baba & Nyonya least I learnt something there..haha..the talk was from 2-5pm..
Liki and Tik Lam
Wei Lon and Liki
they're all Nyonyas'..and the guy is Baba I think
First two..
then three + Huey Shin
then four + Huey Shin lol

After the talk,I drove Tik Lam and Wei Lon to 1u..Tik Lam n I were both crazy about sushi so we had dinner in Sakae Sushi for 1 hour plus..and went for movie..
long movie..but damn funny haha
in the car XD - I'M DRIVING!!!! weeeeeeee~
3 of us went out damn syok haha!
Tik Lam and Liki in RainForest
like some sam pat monkey LMAO

Sent Tik Lam and Wei Lon home..huhu..My mid term exam is coming and I'm still playing =_=..sei lor..Anyway it's really great still being so close with my high skl friends even after we graduate..=)

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