Elizabeth Birthday Suprise

May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Pang!!
the birthday girl and I

Yesterday night,I receive a sudden sms..from an unknown number summore..saying that there'll be a surprise celebration for Elizabeth today because it's her birthday!! Since I've not seen Elizabeth for quite some time,I decided to go..You know,she's the first girl to talk to me when I'm in 4S5 and I stil remember that! Such a sweet and nice girl =)
Cheese + Orea cake

We meet up around 4.30pm at Sri Petaling..Huhu..Followed behind Chun Wai's car..OMG..his driving..errr..I've got ntg to say =_=..LOL! Everyone have comment about Chun Wai's driving haha!!Anyway,we hide at the side of my car so Elizabeth won't see us..Suddenly we pop out with a birthday cake and she was shocked!! Glad that she's happy..teee-heee
hiding the cake..
Elizabeth was shocked!
Suppose to be the GIRLS only..dunno why Boon Wei standing behind us..haha
drinks and cakes..
in the playground at Sri Petaling..
Squeeze in Chun Wai's car!!
Eng Yuan,Zhen Yoong and Liki

There's 9 of us altogether - Chun Wai,Shu Ying,Zhen Yoong,Mun Hon,Boon Wei,Yi Rui,Eng Yuan,Elizabeth and I..but Elizabeth couldn't join us for dinner..=/ each of us drove 1 car except Shu Ying and Eng Yuan LMAO..We went to Salak South to eat Bak Kut Teh and went home..although it's just a small gathering,I did enjoyed and have fun with them..My two years classmates =)

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