First Semester Test

May 23, 2009

This is an emo post I tell you..
Haihz..I've never felt such a failure before..I didn't manage to answer my question during the exams properly..emotionally disturbed and I don't know..I just..don't feel like putting much effort into this exam..Although I did study for it..People seems to look down on me..even the lecturers felt like giving up on me..

I felt tired..Tired of standing up myself without anyone supporting me(in college)..Tired of non-stop studying everyday..Tired of attending 8hours of non-stop classes..Do you know how does it feels like,when everytime you fall,you manage to stand up by urself(not for long)and u fall agn?I fall and fall..I feel tired of supporting myself all the I just let myself fall..and falls deeper each time..sometimes we need supporters life is making me stress and I don't even have time to rest properly..Sometimes I even feel like giving the course..I felt so useless..I doesn't want to disappointed my parents too..

To the lecturers and those who thinks I'm stupid just because I did badly for exam,please be reminded that,the only real failure in life is the failure to try..

Failure is the tuition you pay for success

Anyway,after this test,I'll have two weeks break! I promised I'll enjoy my life to the fullest!! =)

oh yea,one more thing,yesterday,I got my first saman..because of parking..the parking in the college was full and my test was starting in less than half an hour,I parked at the corner of the road and went for my 3 hour test..Little did I know..during the 3 hours test,I kena saman already! T____T

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