Happy Mother's Day

May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommy's out there!!
Hey people! How did you guys celebrate your mother's day? =D

I went to Malacca with my family the day before Mother's Day..It was fun!! My dad was like "let's go Malacca" spontaneously and we went already LOL..
in Malacca..
the weather was soooooo hot!!
luckily got wind else really hot!
me,my younger bro,my elder bro and my mom
My family =)

We bought the special cake(scroll up)to celebrate Mother's Day..Came back at night,then cut the cake the next day-which is on the Mother's Day..That is how I celebrate my Mother's Day..To me,it's just simple and meaningful..We didn't dine in expensive restaurant or going movie but just had home-cook dinner by my mom and ate the cake..^^

Ps: I love you mommy!! Happy Mother's Day =)

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