How I Spend My First Week Of College Holiday

May 29, 2009

Hey people!! Sorry for not updating..It has been a quite hectic week although it's my holiday..On Monday-Tuesday,I went to Genting with my college friends..It was great! We had lots of fun!! Thanks to Wen Jie they all last year..who force me up to roller I dare to sit already..except for the Space Shot though =/ Pictures in Genting can be viewed in my facebook..
it was windy..
all of us who went..
the girls...weeeeeeeeeeeee~

On Wednesday,I went choir practise in the morning and then to Midvalley with my younger brother to get some computer stuff..and I was "spring cleaning" my room too..hehe..On Thurday and Friday,I went to choir practise again then went to MCE Staff meeting in SMK Seafield..LMAO tt school so isolated la..It's located in some place that we couldn't find..And some crazy taxi fella drove and stopped in front of me,then point middle finger at me..Walao..I got was in the middle of the road somemore..T______T I haven't recover from the shock-ness yet..
Shi Ning and Liki
Liki,Calvin,Wei Lon

It was nice spending time with my juniors and practise choir songs with them..=)..I've updated myself with gossips LMAO..Tomorrow is the competition!! It's a two days competition..then Monday till Wednesday is the MCE Festival..and we all have to be there..hehe..You'll see me greeting you guys since Meu Ye and I are the FOH(Front Of House)..

P/S: Tomorrow is the competition!! Do our best ~~ =)

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