Int' Beauty Expo

May 18, 2009

It was all a sudden..I went to International Beauty Expo at KLCC Convention Centre this evening..and I brought my pink school bag with my books along so I could study whenever possible LOL..Look like small kid carrying school bag =_=
took yesterday midnight at Starbucks..
the red model a bit chuan wan..=_=
hair dressing artist from Taiwan - Judy
walking to Suria KLCC
have a drink at Dome reminds me of James,Lee Young and me last year..haha
damn cool right?her clothes are made frm hair!
Judy..haiz!! I didn't manage to take photo with her!!
the contestant models + Judy

Tomorrow is the test,and yet what am I doing in the International Beauty Expo? =_=..but this is like once in a lifetime event that I must attend!! See I told you college and studies are interferring with all the events I wanna attend haizz..Sure die for exam liao lar..Tolong aku!!

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