Malaysian Choral Eisteddfod Staff Meeting

May 30, 2009

It's the second day of staff meeting today..yesterday was the first day of the meeting and we all were lost!! Wei Lon..Yik Luei and I were the drivers of the night and we couldn't find the way to SMK Seafield..Worst come to worst..some crazy taxi guy stopped in front of me and point middle finger at me(I've mentioned about it in my previous post)
Wei Lon and I
the place where the conductor stand
testing the grand piano
Liki and Meu Ye
to my car!!

Anyway,we arranged the chairs..toured around the school and classes to know where to place the choirs..went backstage and figured out the switches in the hall..It was a very hot night and we're all sweating..Went to Station One to had our dinner/supper at later and back home to get enough rest..It's gonna be a tiring 5 days event!!

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