Sunway University College Scholarship Presentation Ceremony

May 24, 2009

Today is the Scholarship Presentation Ceremony...weeee~ I got scholarship!! Happy happy!! Although not much,but at least I reduce my parents burden =)..Lily called me up this morning,asking me to wear dress since the dress code was STRICTLY FORMAL..

I looked like panda because I slept at 2something in the morning haha!! My mom and I managed to park in the college!! MUAHAHA(don't want to kena saman again =_=)..The registration starts at 9am..and the ceremony starts at 10pm..waited so long..and I almost fall asleep..luckily I sat around Salena,Hui Ling,Cher Tieng,Siew Li,Li Lynn and Jia Jie
weeee! saw me?
sitting first row..not bad huh? Got good view..nobody blocking..
Hui Ling and Liki

There are 785 scholars getting their scholarship number is 382! =_=..Quite a few number of Chs-ians..and quite many people I know too! I walked around after taking my certificate..the person threaten to take back our scholarship if we don't stay back for the Official Photograph..So we stayed..and they actually squeezed 785 people in ONE BIG picture..Pro right? LOL
aiyaaa,why she turn her head?
Liki and Hui Ling
Lily and Liki -white + yellow!
Liki and mom
Liki and Boon Wei
Wei Ji and Liki
Liki and Jun Mun
luckily I have her goin same college with me..

Had lunch with my used-to-be primary school best friend and her parents..After that,I hang out with my mom..went home and slept till 8something..Was supposed to go yum cha with my choir people but..huhu..was too tired to even walk..hehe..Ahhhh!! Missed the choir practise again!! 6 more days to competition..3 songs to practise!! I'll start practising tml! I'll catch up people!! =D

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