Sushi Temptation

May 04, 2009

I was supposed to go for sushi date in MV with Tik Lam,*ahem* and Calvin but I went late..really late..super late =_=..Tik Lam and *ahem* went home ady but Calvin stil there..I went MV to buy printer ink..and meet up with Calvin to walk around since he's alone der waiting for his parents..
I miss the time sitting beside him in class in form3..
his camera was at risk taking this pic..look at his stunt face LMAO
erm...pretty model!
Teddy and Panda!

Tik Lam!! So sorry for coming so late..nevermind..we'll have sushi date again okay? We're crazy already..ate sushi 3 days in one week..@_@

"I'm a sushi lover" -Tik Lam

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