You Can Lose..Or If You Want To Win,You Can Change..

April 30, 2009

I'm nervous. I'm excited. I'm happy. I'm sad. I'm angry. I'm worried. mixed feelings!

Wei Lon fetch me to Yik Luei's house..from there,Yik Luei sent me,Wei Lon,Meu Ye and Briana to SJK(C) Yuk Chai..OMG tt skl damn pro..Primary skl only..they have lift!!! Dang! We were scolded by a very rude guy..He is so DAMN rude I tell you! I should have taken his photo and show you..He's younger than us somemore..Can't he tell we're seniors?? SO DAMN ^$#%#&%@ RUDE!!!

Liki,Wei Lon and Calvin
Briana is wearing my jacket..the hall damn cold wey!
aiyak..mama's face is covered
the seniors that went..
that Wei Lon..macam retard..
Calvin,Liki,Meu Ye,Sin Chien
Liki and Briana in the car
Liki in the Wei Lon's car
why is everyone taking a photo of me when I'm eating? Lily..Calvin..Reban..=_=
ahhhh! sedap sedap!!! =D
candid..only Sin Chien smile to the cam

Third Place..Nevermind..focus on next competition ----> Malaysian Choral Eisteddfod VII Competition! Jia you!!!

At night,went to Min Chun's birthday party..then Lily and her friends brought me to MOS..
Liki and Lily
Lily - Liki - Jessica

It was my first time entering MOS and I'm surprised to see lots of CHS-ians there!! Eong Shern was so shocked to see me LOL!! Vincent was also shocked to see me there..Most of them also entered MOS for the first time,which Lily's friend called me "MOS virgin" =_= Anyway I was in there for about half an hour only..the music was blasting so loud that I couldn't hear myself..

Hang out in mamak with Lily,Jessica and David till Ee Leng finished clubbing..haha..huuuu~ Tiring to see their expression when they saw me in MOS lmao

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