Beauty Workshop + Chee Yung's Birthday

June 06, 2009

In the morning,I went to Beauty workshop for modelling event..Didn't take much picture because it's like attending classes..It's a 3 hours class..I got free cosmetics and brushes..Show you the end product..
my free cosmetics!! the colours are quite okay wan
taaaaa-daaaaaa~ when I reached home
feeling tired already huhu
camwhore a little bit la..

Chee Yung came to my house and we did a little math..I was surprised to know that it was his birthday today and nobody told me!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHEE YUNG!! So we decided to go yum cha at night with Zhi Yuen..
the birthday boy and Liki
Same class in math,further math and physics
Zhi Yuen,Chee Yung and Liki
acting silly at night
OMG going up!!
we were shocked to see that the cinema was closed!!
AHHHHH Let us in!!
shot shot shot!!

went arcade..and Zhi Yuen started para para-ing at 1something in the morning..crazy!! I then drove Chee Yung and Zhi Yuen back to Chee Yung's house and I went home..Wooooo-hooooo~ tiring day..I'ma gonna enjoy fullest during my holiday!! I DON'T CARE!!

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