Briana's Sexy 17 Party

June 28, 2009

I've been looking forward for every activities with the BFF..Briana organized her birthday party at her house..there are a few conditions:
1)bring 2 movies
2)wear something comfy..oversized Tee,baggy shorts,etc..
3)any junk foods or drinks
4)soft toy?pillow?warm jacket?popping popcorns!
junk foods!!

yeap I brought all was fun!!I reached at the same time with Wei Lon,Calvin,Chen Foong,Chen Hoong,and Yik Luei..Ee Zhen reached already so she came down and brought us up..Tik Lam was crazily popping pop corns and warming cheese for Nachos'..haha! Our dinner : pop corn, pizza, junk foods, FnN + Orange Juice..
camwhore huhu
smile =) looks like I'm shining..look at the wall!
we locked Calvin outside and he took this pic of us XD

We put the movies we brought into a plastic bag and randomly picked a movie..wooo-hoooo! I picked my movie!! -> The Hot Chicks
funny! XD

I love this movie ever since I'm in primary school..Was hoping that they would enjoy the movies as well..the feedback was great!Ee Zhen said she wants to buy the movies XD It's hilarious!!
Liki and Calvin
Liki and Tik Lam

We then blow candle on the cake and taking pictures..playing with the cake cream =_=..The GUYS bought her 2 RED PANTY!!! Seriously..we,girls have no idea what the guys was DAMN funny..Briana was shocked!!HAHA..
Wei Lon posing with the red panty they bought for Briana
everyone cleaning up and only me and Wei Lon posing to the camera haha
spot me behind XD
group picture of us!
in the lift LOL
doing the Victoria Secret walk LAMO

After that,we went to do our stuff..Ee Zhen went back..Wei Lon,Yik Luei,Calvin and Chen Hoong went to play computer,Tik Lam and Briana watching TV,Chen Foong and I doing maths..yeah you see the words! WE are DOING MATH!!!
with the help of the other BFFs

While I was doing math,I saw a cockroach then I ran away quickly!! No mood for math already..just walk and talk then leave Briana's house at the same time with everyone..Others went to McD,CC,etc till 3am while me being a good girl went home to take rest..


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