Choralthon 2009

June 28, 2009

I did some charity today..I drove Wei Lon and Kheng Hoe to Segi College,Kota Damansara for charity for Rumah Kasih..I know Lee Li asked me to helped out in the other charity but I'm performing for the Choralthon,where differents choir from different school or club performed singing for 8 hours! I was singing in the Young KL Singers..we sang 5 songs..
Ee Zhen and Liki
Liki and Wei Lon
then the three of us
spot me on stage!
Susanna is conducting..I'm on the second from the left

Kai Yuan!! Thanks for coming to watch my performance =)))))

Went home right after performance because it's my mom's birthday weeeee~ Damn funny,her own birthday she buy cake for herself..went round and round dunno what to buy..end up going to 4 cake house and went back to one of the 4 cake house and get Tiramisu cake(this explains why I'll be eating Tiramisu during classes)..even my bro also get bored LOL

Happy Birthday Mommy!
You're still young and beautiful!!! =)

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