KLCC + Dome = Us

June 21, 2009

Long time didn't see them!! Not Shi Ning though,I saw her more often compared to James and Lee Young..but..I do miss the time we spent together for 2 years..all our gossips and chats =) It was quite a sudden outting HAHA..Last night b4 I sleep,suddenly we just decided to go out today cz it's the only day 4 of us are free..

Copied from Lee Young's blog:
I still remember the last time we went out together was after SPM (November), to the same place (KLCC), lunched at the same restaurant (DOME), and ate the same food (Gourmet Chicken & Mushroom Pie). It's just that we watched movie last time, didn't go to the lakeside, convention centre and Star(s)buck(s)

Shi Ning came my house and then we went to KLCC..reached there around 1pm..we thought Lee Young would be the latest LOL..anyway we're not considered late also! We promised 1pm at Dome haha..had lunch there..Gourmet Chicken & Mushroom Pie..
delicious pie~~~~~
Can't believe he got scholarship to study Degree in NUS,Singapore..
we were laughing at Lee Young actually..
friends forever =)
Shi Ning and I camwhoring in the toilet..

On the way back..I saw this:

Had lots of fun!! We chat for the whole day!! Tons of gossips and chat to catch up after not meeting for so long!!More pictures in facebook though..the memory I used in my blog is 92% full already..anyone can tell me where else can I upload pics and link the picture in my blog?

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