Sunway A-Levels Graduation Ball

June 15, 2009

It's the A-Levels Graduation Ball!! What a relief that it's over..we've been practising..preparing..rehearsing the dances and songs ever since the beginning of this year..After all,I don't have to stay back til late afternoon anymore..the latest time I stayed back for practise is till 8.00pm..So tiring man..luckily everything is over..
In the morning,I went to Federal Hotel to receive my SPM award from Kasturi Tuition Centre..together from there,Li Lynn,Brynn and I went straight to Sunway Convention Centre for our adjust ourselves on stage..It was quite a hectic because there is some last minute changes of the dances..need to run up and down to find pins for clothes..rushing to make up..owh yesh!! I make up myself!! Sorry larh I'm so proud about it but I NEVER make up myself to college and now,I have to make up myself to the ball!!
Teng Jong and Liki
Liki and Zhi Yuen
with some of the performers..

The performance were..hmmm..For the opening of the ball,I was the conductor..weeee~~ I imagined myself as Tik Lam LAMO!! and then I was the harmony singer and for the last show,I danced samba with Brynn as my partner..actually I think overall was okay but I did my samba part wrongly!! I forget to spin!! I forget to shake!! the flanking part? I was supposed to sit on Hui Hui and Haree's shoulder..I couldn't climb up on time!! End up they just carried me and when I'm falling,Hui Hui support me with his lap! T______T I screwed the whole show..I saw Teng Jong and Twinkle's blur faces..dunno what to do LOL! hahahaa~~ Don't care about it show..we had fun =)
Yuan Ning,Liki and Twinkle on stage..
Reban and Liki after the show..

After the graduation ceremony,I just put on my shiny white dress and attend the ball..It's my 3rd time attending a graduation ball/prom..and it's my 1st time for not setting my hair nor make up nicely..I make up myself! MUAHAHAHA..I can finally settle down during the ball..the food there is NOT bad weyy!! It's the best food served in the ball that I've attended b4..Brynn accompanied whole day..thanks so much =) I sat at Table 28 with all the other express class was fun larh..I love Wun Kang's performance!! So touching man~
Liki and Nataneal
Liki and Chee Yung
Samuel and Liki
Mr.Leonard with his mouse-looked face
Liki and Christabel
Seng Hong and Liki
wanna drink?
Zhi Yuen and Liki (with a different outfit)
Wun Kang and Liki
Liki and Chia Chun
Liki and Brynn
Alyssa,Liki and Brynn
Jonet and Liki
Liki and Salena

More pictures on facebook!!Went home around 12am..AHHHHH!! tomorrow still got college!! Luckily it starts at 9.30am!! I can sleep longer..kekeke..It was a wonderful night..Everyone dresses up nicely..Although it's not my graduation..but it was great to see everyone is moving forward to create their own future..

I had a really great day =)

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