Their War..Our World..

June 27, 2009


OMG!! This movie was damn nice!! It worth the movie I've been waiting for since year 2007! All the ticket was like fully booked!! So hard to get the ticket for the movie!! During math on Thursday,my friend called and say "Liki! Wat time do you want tml for Transformer?" I was like "OMG u got the tickets?" woooo-hoooooo~~

Bought tickets to watch at 4.30pm..Luckily he bought the tickets later because we have to collect our Malaysian Studies results at 2.30pm..and I passed!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Till now,I stil don't know what is Malaysian Studies about though..

CY and I got couple seats cz we both haven't tried before..Wooo! the seats was big and comfy! =)

I received a shocking news this morning..while I was driving to college,the radio kept playing his songs..I was wondering what happen to all the radio station till I found out that Michael Jackson has joined Elvis Presley..

RIP Michael Jackson
You inspired my childhood

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