When BFF Strikes Makes Liki Bakes For The 1st Time!! XD

June 07, 2009

Weird post title huh? Last wednesday,Ryonn was saying "hey,you guys free on saturday? I belanja you guys makan la.." but his intention is to ask us to carry the chairs we used for Malaysian Choral Eisteddfod back to the classrooms in SMK Seafield LOL~ No la..haha..but tt is one of his reason XP We were randomly chatting and say wanna go Ryonn's house to back and there..Liki bakes for the 1st time!! Here's the pic in SMK Seafield :
BFF and SMK Seafield ppl
say cheese
Ryonn asked us to say "AHHHHHH" and the photo turned out like this haha
BFF having lunch!
trying to imitate poker face
look at me and Calvin trying hard not to laugh LOL

Then I went back to college for musical and send Calvin to Sunway Pyramid because Samuel joined the Tony Roma's eating competition..If he finish ten 13 inch burger in 10 mins then he can eat Tony Roma's for free for 1 year!! haha~ but he didn't won la..After that,went 1u to pick Meu Ye and Tik Lam from 1u to go Ryonn's house..
halfway my car run out of petrol but we both dunno how to fill..but somehow we managed to fill in the petrol weeeeeeeeee~
as wrote up there..
Liki and Calvin
Liki and Baloo..
Ryonn teaching me how to bake
enjoying muffin and tea
nice scenary
his house damn cozy and comfortable..it's a simple house but yet reli creative and nice..
4 BFF that went..

Ryonn's house toilet is TRANSPARENT! As in,even if u close the door,u stil can see inside from the living room!! LOL..Oh yeah,one scary thing is,I parked my car under some newspaper..and Calvin told me that he saw cat's hand!! At 1st I dun blif it,when I reverse my car,it was a dead cat under the newspaper!! Ewwwww~~ that means I parked under the dead cat!! Poor thing la T____T We went 1u for dinner
guess who's the driver XD
yum yum
Meu Ye and Liki

After that,we all went back and continue our conversation online..haha..every night have to work as DJ!! College gonna start on Monday!! I dun wanna start college so early!! NoOoOoOoOoO!!

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