You Are Never A Loser Unless You Quit Trying

June 16, 2009

Something weird happened..I remembered when I came home,I took out 4 pins that is attached to my skirt and put it in my drawer..then gave the skirt to my mom..But my mom said I did not gave her..and I couldn't find my skirt!! and my black top!! But I found the SAME pin that is attached to my skirt in the drawer..I couldn't find my skirt and my black top!!! T_______T The skirt cost RM89.90 and I only wore it once which is for the performance!! I desperately want back the skirt T______T haihz..Feel damn guilty..

Anyway,if you realised,I only blog during the weekend and it's like,usually one week later after those events happen..Just refer to the dates because that is the exact date when those events happened..So sorry =/ I know I love blogging and everyone knows that LOL..when I didn't blog for more than 2 weeks..,they knew something is wrong already..

I'm so sad and sick of college maximum time being in college is like 10hours per day!!! from 8.30am-6.30pm!! Haizz..After 5months of being in college I still haven't get used to this kinda lifestyle!! How? huhu..

Must stand up Liki!! You can do it =) I must be optimist! XD

Happy Birthday Sarah Ng Xiao Ying!!

You've been such a great friend and companion..You helped me a lot!! You're such a sweet and awesome friend =D She's leaving us on this friday..I'm gonna miss her..Our class is getting smaller =/

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