Bon Odori 2009

July 19, 2009

Last year Bon Odori memories ----> Click here

I remember last year,Carmen and I said that we wanted to go together again this year but she went to Japan..Carmen,they have Bon Odori in Japan? I think so LOL Anyway,the 2A4 gang went to MV in the was a last minute plan and I was still sleeping that time so I didn't go..I had dentist appointment at 2.30pm..after that,I meet up with Chin Ming and Wen Jie in MV then Chin Ming fetch me and Rebecca to Stadium Matsushita,Shah Alam..
Chin Ming and Liki

We were actually an hour(or more) earlier than Yik Luei's car - CJ,Wen Jie,Wei Lon,Tik Lam,etc.. Calvin was there the earliest! He got the best food! So Chin Ming and I hunt around for food..
the first thing we ate when we reached there..
waaaa banyak orang lu~
Yay! I love my fan!
O.o Japanese cute guys..I took picture with them last year MUAHAHA
Calvin cheated was some alcohol and I drank it fast..CJ too..then CJ and I gone crazy..
Chin Ming took 45 minutes to buy this although he cut queue
unagi rice!!

We was fun moment!! the 2A4 and BFF went out together..=D fun fun fun! After that,Chin Ming sent my friend home(thanks Chin Ming!)..OMG Chin Ming's driving skill..SO PRO MAN! I guess his Malacca sickness strikes you all know,it was MU match that day as well..and Chin Ming was talking on the phone and driving..that is not the worst part..he brakes right behind the tail of the front car..and he drives 150km/h!! That is the fastest speed I've ever sat by someone who just got their P license for few months? He is seriously the most "pro" P driver..I guess P in his car stands for Professional..Calvin said that my driving is's driving skill better now huh? =P
saw Corey there..haha..the last time I saw him was in MOS
Shi Ning and Liki
Wen Jie,Liki and Chin Ming
Liki and Miaw Fen trying to kiss kiss,CJ and Dylan was blowing kisses too LOL
Liki and Miaw Fen..
Tik Lam look much like Doraemon here LOL
half of the BFF!
group picture before we left..
and another group pictures
look at Calvin's tense face sitting Chin Ming's car..

After sending my friend home,we decided to go yum cha..Didn't know Kanna Curry House's service got so bad..never want to go there yum cha already =/ went home straight as everyone is tired..walao eh,the smoke in Bon Odori was so bad..when I cleaned my face with cotton,the whole cotton turned black! and some smoke got into my nose!
Liki and Wen Jie
free Beryls! Apparently Wen Jie took a plastic bag near our place,thought it could be one of us but it wasn't..
the 2A4 people!!! Clockwise from most left: Calvin,Yik Luei,CJ,Wen Jie,Liki and Chin Ming!

I had a great time!! Being with bf,BFF and 2A4!! Saw many people there such as Jason..Jay Wvin..Aaron..but didn't take picture with them huhu..OMG I'm having test on Pure Mathematics Paper 3 and Appiled Mathematics - Mechanics 2 and Statistics 2 on this Thursday!Wish me luck!! oh yeah..

got a good news to share with you all -------> I'm removing my braces next month =D

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