July 22, 2009

Aiyaa..should have taken a picture of it since I brought my camera..It happened like this..

My chemistry lab caught a small fire..we were supposed to do chemistry practical on organic you know,alcohols are highly I was heating up the 5 chemicals..suddenly I heard "poooooooof" and a bright light behind me..when I turned behind..OMG I saw kinda huge fire and it was just right behind me! Apparently it was Kin Wai(professor)'s place lol..I quickly ran to Vincent's place and Kin Wai was trying to blow the fire off LOL! Haree goes.."eeermmm...teacher...I think someone caught a fire" so Ms Chin quickly called the technician..they switch off the whole chemistry's lab gas

Just right after that,I broke a boiling tube..Vincent came over and asked if I'm alright..and he cleared up some of the broken glass for me..the technician came and asked me to inform them if I break anything next was quite a messed today..many people broke apparatus and the chemistry lab caught a fire LOL

I don't like the Moral Studies teacher..she is so like a kid.."Colours are so beautiful" and she's quite rude..she don't even have moral herself..she black-listed me for no reasons..I didn't talk or do any homework during her lecture lor..I assumed she black-list me because I sit behind..what's wrong with sitting behind?not only me..just because Chee Yung told her some joke,he got black-listed too! You say she siao or not?

Tomorrow is the pure and applied mathematics test!! Gahhh!

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