July 14, 2009

Guess who's this??
can guess already??
hiding under my jacket
aiyer..damn poser la!!

Happy Birthday to my love love love love love love love love love!!!!!

Hippy is 5 years old today..I know he is old..but he's still like a small baby to me..I had Hippy since I was in form 1..I got it from my tuition teacher because her doggy just gave birth and since I got straight As' for UPSR,my parents got me a puppy..I watched Hippy grew up..from tiny puppy..till opening his eyes..till learning how to walk..and now outcome the cute cute Hippy!! weeeeeeeee~
Hippy says "hiiiiiiiii"

Hippy was the 6th and the youngest among the other puppies..he was also the brightest colour(look at his furr!!) probably he's the recessive traits LOL..he was the most active puppy and even now!! He likes to jump around..run here and there..very very playful baby..so,I named him ->Hippy which means "Yipee Yapee Happy Hippy" weeeeeee! suit him so well!!
accompanying me when studying and blogging and sleeping and etc...
soooo tiny and cute ler
oooo slept already luuu~

Hippy was always there for me..when I'm sad,happy,angry,nervous,stress and he always accompany me..He is my one and only best partner(everyone who knows me knows that I'm crazy over Hippy ;P) Although he is very naughty and sometimes makes me sad(running out of the house,etc...) I still love him..I remember once,Hippy ran out of house,I saw some girl chasing a dog..small cute dog..when I looked closely,it was Hippy! I quickly called him name and he ran back to me..Hippy scared me weyyy! I can't afford to lose him!!
his blurr face..
he was pity-ing the dead yellow butterfly and sat beside it for a long time..
accompanying me while waiting for Chee Yung to fetch me..

Recently,my family were all busy with our stuff..works..study..and forget to comb Hippy's furr..ended up,it got tangled till the skin..oh-o...have to shave it bold..so pity lerr!! T_____T so the cute little Hippy becomes...

ready to see??


prepare before you scroll down...





Hippy BOTAK!!!!

So Hippy celebrated his birthday,bold..for his 5th birthday,we got him mango cake to celebrate!! Just so you know..every year we bought cake to celebrate his birthday..kekeke..mango!!
Hippy's cake
he can yawn summore seeing the delicious cake!!
his present -> food! finished it in less than 10 mins

Anyway,he feels much lighter and cooler after shaving bold..he jumps higher too! hehe..glad he's not really upset about it because we stil showed him care and love..hehe..I still love Hippy even if you're botak Hippy!!

I can't live without Hippy!! HIPPY!!!!!!!

You're still very handsome,Hippy XD

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