July 04, 2009

took this picture of the sky outside my house last wednesday..

Who said I got quarantined? Why so many people asking me whether I'm bored at home or what? LOL Last wednesday,apparently Chun Wai have been asking me if I'm quarantined and he even told the S5 that I'm not going for the gathering this saturday because I was quaratined =_= sweat?

Anyway,today I went to Tropicana City Mall with Kai Yuan and Yen Li to watch Transformer!! It's my second time watching and this time I tag my younger brother along since he haven't watch (I'm such a nice sister huh?) Both me and Yen Li were not really sure where Tropicana City were so Kai Yuan leaded us..We reached there and queued up at the wrong line =_=..We used about 1 hour to get to Tropicana City Mall because of the traffic jam..Well,we managed to buy 8.30pm show and sat 2nd row from the front..Yen Li needs to leave by 10pm so she missed some part of the movie..

Movie finished around 11pm and went home to rest lu~~ weeeeeeee~~ Tomorrow->S5 Gathering + Promtay =D

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