S5 Gathering + Promtay 2009

July 05, 2009

Today will be a day filled with fun,joy and laughter!! In the morning,I went to Riitz to check the appointment for my make up + set hair for tonight..Then,Eng Yuan and Zhen Yoong called and told me not to drive because there's too many cars to drive to Klang..so my mom send me to Sunway Pyramid..When everyone is gathered,we went to Klang to eat Bak Kut Teh!! OMG it is super delicious! Seriously,imagined,12 of us finished 4 pots of bak kut teh in 20minutes! HAHA..The price is RM11.00 each person after divided..

I sat Boon Wei's car back to Sunway Pyramid and searched for mask for the Promtay tonight(last minute plan)..Asked my aunt and my cousin to choose for me since they are shopping there as well..went home around 3pm to get prepared because my appointment is at 4.00pm..Sorry S5 for couldn't stay back to join you guys =/

I was chatting with the guy who make up and set my hair..He's from the same secondary school as me ----> Catholik High School!! But he's 25 this year and he graduated from CHS in year 2002 which I haven't even enter CHS..Oh well..what a coincidence!! Chatting with him reminds me of CHS-ians..happy!! the make up + set hair cost RM84!! So cheap right? He's quite famous I think because he make up for Jojo,Miss Astro Chinese Malaysia and a few more models and artists..cool!!
in the car..on the way to Promtay

This years' Promtay theme is -> Masquerade

It took about 2hours plus or 3hours!! I quickly came back home,took my stuff and rushed to KL Heritage Mansion..Oh gosh..while I aws going,the road at Sungei Wang was blocked!! and it was super jam!! Reached there around 8pm..and then..smart Liki forget to bring her IC because only 18 above can enter..=_=..waited for Lily to take me in..luckily can huhu..When I entered,suddenly Christine,one of the promtay committee popped out and say "Hey,you're so beautiful today so I'm nominating you as the Prom Queen for tonight..your dress are so beautiful!!you looked like a queen.."I was shocked..it was..err..unexpected! I wore back the same blue dress I wore for my CHS prom because I just decided to go Promtay yesterday and to save money,I just wore the blue dress..
Liki and Lily
do we look cool?
Lily looks like catwoman miao~~
with Lily's sister and her friend
ooooo mysterious..

Queued up for foods..it was so dark that we couldn't see the food so I just took whatever it's on the table haha! Watch performance..danced on the dance floor..chit-chatting outside the place sitting on a very nice big sofa..camwhoring everywhere we go..haha! the whole night I was sticking with Lee Li's sister,Lee Kheng and her friends because I went to Promtay just for Lee Li but she's busy with serving the guests so I stick with her sister!! haha!! It was still fun!!
Catwalk..love the wallpaper behind =)
Liki and Lily's sister,Lee Kheng
upstairs floor..when you look up from down,you'll see what's under the dress
nice place to chill
Liki and Ming Ho
Lee Kheng again!!
I know she want to kiss me
Liki and Kimberly
the sofa was so big to fit 4 of us
with Lily in!

I lost my voucher to redeem for drinks! Aiyaa..so I x drink anything after 10.30pm..but Lee Kheng were so nice to let me drink some of hers..haha..All the performance were great =) Then..it's time for the Awards!! I did not get the Prom Queen but nahhh,I don't have confidence also haha! I'm already very happy I got nominated..It's like out of 300+ people they nominate me as one of the 5 nominees..haha..After the award..some random guy came and ask"ehh..why didn't you get the Prom Queen?!! I was expecting you to get!! Nvm la..next round kay?" awwww..sooo nice =))))
Liki and Nataneal
camwhoring in the toilet
the toilet is really nice..it's boys and girls toilet mix..
captured myself
mirror mirror on the wall
love the lights
Carmen,Kimberly,Lee Kheng and Liki
Liki,Carmen,Lee Kheng and Kimberly
this is without flash
Carmen and I
I'm still in the toilet,in case you're wondering =P
at the bar
VIPs seat..damn cool
Carmen and I
nice place~
felt like princess here
sitting on the couch
Christine and Liki
without flash
with flash
Yew Jin and Liki
Liki and Lily(before leaving)

I continued to camwhore everywhere till my mom came and picked me up around 1.20am..I'm such a good girl LOL..I didn't drink alcohol at all!! seriously..not even a sip!! I sket I'll get tipsy and high then I don't know what to do..Only Lee Kheng and her friends take care of me..I better not drink wahaha..went home and continue camwhoring..Overall it was fun la..at least I did enjoyed myself =)
my mask and my pass
Good night =)))

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