Treasure Hunt

July 24, 2009

This is very random..I didn't plan to join the A-Levels Treasure Hunt activity at all! We have mentor-mentee session for A-Levels once in every month,on friday but usually we don't have to do anything for mentor-mentee..just sign and go..I went to the UCAS talk at 2pm and after that,went to classroom SW 3-9 just to sign for mentor-mentee..then leave..but my mom wasn't there yet and I was quite free..

Since I'm free,and other S4 people - Zhi Yuen,Teng Jong,Mukand,Kai Yuan and Kin we started playing the 1st game..finding words in the puzzle..we did it in less than 5 minutes..we were the last to start..went to the next station..but they say we were in the wrong station!Our next station was to eat bittergourd..we spent lots of time to crap and chit-chatting there..we were given 1minute and 15 seconds to finished the plate but we finished it in 30seconds!!Mukand is vegetarian HAHA!

Our next stop,was to hold a cup of water(full) and walk only with the cardboard..we did it quite fast too..
4 of us in the "boat"

After that,went to SW3-6..haha..the clue was "where is (1+2)-(9-3)?" LOL..Kin Wai was easy!! =_=..went there,supposed to memorise 20 poker cards with the shapes in 4 funny! We divide the board to 4 quartrand and memorise haha! guess wat..we got PERFECT SCORE!! The guy was shocked..the Jan 09' and July 08' furthermath class got perfect score haha! So proud =D
memorised this in 4 sec including the shape and the number

Then,we were supposed to use a string that is tied to a plastic bottles to transfer a bucket of water to a tupperware..When we filled,suddenly the tupperware was full! I was like "huh? why full ady wan?" when I looked some,some black guy says "shhhhhhhh" LOL!!! and we finished it in less thn 5 minutes LAMO!!
the water game!! weeeeee~

Next,we went to football field and suppose one member from a group kicked the football to touch the pole..the pole was damn thin la..but Mukand did it with only two shots! No doubt he plays football ;)
so hot ler under the sun
waaa Chee Yung and I like so friend with Kin Wai haha!

our last game was to find the car WKK 9990 in the car park..we separate ourselves..each person each lane to find the car..found it quickly,snap the picture of the car and ran back to the class..guess what..we won 3rd!!!
running to find the car~
pose =)

We started last..and we got 3rd!! The number of teams in our group is variable LOL..Got chocolates as prizes..This is so unbelievable haha!

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