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July 26, 2009

I woke up at 7.05am..supposed to gather at 7.30am..I thought I was late!! I sms Mukand and then when I looked up,saw Mukand's turban(driving) in front of me..I knew I wasn't late haha!
Li Lynn and Liki

The bus left around 8something and Li Lynn was sitting beside me..she just lost her hp so we were chatting about it..we both were very tired so we slept on the way to SK Convent Sentul..reached there..took a group pictures under a hot sun..had nasi lemak for breakfast(provided) and then started to work..Shu Kai "randomly" picked us to in-charge of the staff room..I was supposed to be cleaning up or painting block A but changed to staff room already..
Elyse and Liki..painting the walls!

We didn't know how to open the paint bucket..the malays teacher there doesn't knows english! They don't even understand a single english words we're saying..so disappointing weyy! Besides the non-malay teacher and the principal,no one else knows english! OMG..anyway we took some time there..we were so excited to paint and as soon as we open the bucket of paint..we started painting!! we didn't know that we were suppose to scrape out the old paint of the wall before we paint! Some of the parts came out..so we script again..and paint again..I think we painted 3 times in total!! Damn tiring wey..we're like giving ourselves more work only!
tired la!!

Suprisingly we painted quite fast..and the workpiece was not bad! The higher parts of the wall was too high for the girls to reach..so Hwei Hwei came and helped out by painting the top part only..saw a lizard..should have painted the lizard leg so the lizard can paint for us by walking on the wall..
us looking half dead
everyone who is present for the gotong-royong..spot me!! LOL

I was so tired because I slept around 2ish last night..and I cannot stand long..feel like pengsan-ing if I stand too long..then,we went to canteen to take a rest and I was really damn sleepy! I don't know why they asked us to change into A-levels t-shirt but end up didn't use it also..=_= went back home to take bath and nap for 1 hour..

Calvin called me and told me not to go Sunway Pyramid early because we have to wait for Meu Ye to reach in about an hour..So I stone at home..went on9 a while to wait for time to pass..Jiunn Heng called and asked why aren't we reaching yet..not my fault ma!! T____T Speed 110km/h and pick up Chen Foong and Chen Hoong from Sunway Pyramid to Tasty Pot..I reached there faster than Wei Lon haha! =D
star!! delicious!!
aiyer I very short meh? Where is Wei Lon looking~
A priceless picture of the BFF
Liki and Meu Ye
wooo-hooo BFF group picture!
acting silly haha
girls act boyish and guys act girlish
yum cha haha
soy soup + crab will result in this haha
the BFF love..someone is gonna be jealous of this keke
group picture of all of us..seniors! weeeeee~

So nice to see the seniors again..makan makan..chit-chat..all the photos is in facebook..hehe!We decided to go for 2nd round..I park in Pyramid..then Calvin called and say cancelled..paid RM3 for being in Pyramid less than 10minutes? kena con weyy..I don't care Calvin,you better pay me back RM3!! this picture worth RM3..you know what I mean Calvin Tan..

Drove Jiunn Heng back then I went back home..ahhh..so tired..my neck feels pain now..lalala~ I did good job today a..good girl leh? Nyahaha! I uploaded the 129 photos and 100+ comment in less than half an hour..LOL?

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