August 22, 2009

Hey people =D
This week I had two mock test..One on chemistry practical and one on physics practical..It was okay for me =) On wednesday,we're forced to attend the "One Malaysian Young Entrepreneur" talk..yeah..forced..It was so bored that I almost fell asleep with my eyes open =X..Oh,I received my Black Eyed Peas album today..it was damn cool! The album was not bad..all the songs are mostly techno type but it's nice..hehe

Yeah,here I want to say something..lately there's PLENTY of reporters behind my house..PLENTY! Go away la! Causing all the jams..some of the reporter even came from Hong Kong!! They even show LIVE tv..and some even camp outside..please la..other people's relatives passed away and they're trying to figure out whether HE stayed here..HE is also a human..just like you and me..Go and get a life!! If you're really curious of who is HE,call/sms/e-mail me..

Owh yeah,I'm heading to Port Dickson tomorrow weeeeeeeeeee~ =D

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