Choir Party + Yik Luei's Birthday

August 10, 2009

I just knew about the choir party when yum cha-ing with the some of the Kaki Blue casts and bff last night..the whole afternoon and evening I was such a good girl completing my homework..So many homework to complete ler!! T_____T must finish it only attend the choir party..

6ish...Shi Ning called "Liki!! you coming or not?"
I'm still doing homework!!
7ish..Meu Ye called "Liki!! are you there already?"
Oh no!! still doing homework..
8ish..Calvin called "Liki!! u leave you house already or not?"
No..haven't!! LOL still doing homework!!
8ish..Shi Ning called again "hey Liki,we're leaving soon cause we're going to Yik Luei's house to surprise him since it's his birthday coming?"

Okay fine..I stopped doing homework and rushed there LOL! Drove to Condominium Height in OUG and weeeeeeeeee~ saw my choir juniors!! waaaa weeee wooooo!! Seeing the juniors makes me happy =D and Raymond is the mysterious guest wahaha!
Liki and Shi Ning!! huhu I miss her la..long time x see or chat already!
Shawn(Tik Lam's younger brother) and Liki
Teck Ming and Jin Yee..both my juniors
Yoon Leen and Liki
Miaw Fen and Liki..she's still wearing make up LOL came to choir party after Kaki Blue
Ming Zhao and Liki! aha! he is sooo like 2nd Tik Lam XP
I forgot what's his name..but he's only it makes me his senior too! LOL
I can't swim..I didn't bring clothes!!
sitting at the pool side~

After visiting my choir juniors,the bff went to Yik Luei's house..Wei Lon tricked him and said only he is only but actually the bff is waiting outside the door hiding wahaha! Wei Lon was like "ALAMAK" when I lock my car doors because my car alarm is very can recognised it easily LOL!I hope Yik Luei didn't hear that~ Wei Lon called him and asked him to get the present in his car..when he came out..we said "SURPRISE!!" and he saw us haha!

Too bad tomorrow is Monday -> which means everyone has schools so we have to leave early.or else we sure stay in his house till very very very longg LOL..Although I kept saying I want to leave! I want to leave! but inside,I do want to stay..but inside..I do want to stay longer..Oh noooo!! stil got homework haven't finish!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday To
Chia Yik Luei!!
still so cool after so many years haha
From the top clockwise: Shi Ning,Meu Ye,Calvin,Liki,Ee Zhen,Raymond,Yik Luei,Wei Lon
with the bff!!

P/S: It's one year already..didn't manage to take a picture of just both of us to post for your birthday this's the last birthday I'm gonna celebrate with you..The bff and I be missing you a lot after you leave =) Remember what you've promised me..I know you read my blog..

Thanks for all the sweet memories we once had together..

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