Good Morning Sunshine =)

August 24, 2009

And again..we planned to wake up at 5.00am but we overslept till 6.45am!! We quickly rushed to take bath and pack everything..our aim is to get to college before my class starts -> 8.30am!!
saw the rainbow?It was in the morning..took from the PD hotel..=P

We left around 7.30am and I was sleeping in the car..when I woke up,I'm in college already!! and it's 8.45am!! LOL!! I was surprised we managed to reach back on time! What to do..I'm such a good girl..I didn't want to skip class so I went to college straight from Port Dickson..with my luggage! Surprisingly,I wasn't that fact I was quite hyped! So happy to have 3 of the 2A4 gang sending me to college XD..Although I reached 8.45am,I'm not late because my lecturer haven't start teaching..I'm stil earlier than Kai Yuan somemore (although he stayed in PJ) haha =D

Going to college after Port Dickson..bringing my luggage..not going home first..

I yeng or not? faster say I yeng! XD

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  1. yea you very yeng XD
    carrying your big blue bag and a small bag with you to college. Very cooool and yeng wei!!!

  2. haha! yeng leh! I summore not that didn't help me carry pun >.<


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