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August 07, 2009

From the post title you should know..H1N1 is getting bad..everyone is getting sick..the world is unhealthy!

This week is like a "sick" week! So many people are getting sick! My class,those who are sick : Elyse,Kai Yuan,Haree,Hui Ling..4 out of 19 people is sick..and during physics class,I'm surrounded by the bacteria! My left is having flu,my right is coughing,my back is coughing and front,the lecturer is sick too! shooo shooo~ I don't want to get sick! Go away bacteria! Oh,and I heard that 60% of the ACCA people is sick!
took using Terry's DSLR

Everyone is hard-coring already because the AS examination is coming..mock exam is like one month away..Oh yeah,some girl from A-levels tries to jump off the 4th floor Sunway University College building on monday..don't know why..too stress of study?

Friday is holiday!! weeeeeeee~ That's why I'm free to blog here..else I'll be spending my time doing homework or studying..The lecturers are forced to attend some seminar regarding A-levels haha! and so,I spend the night today cleaning up my closet because it's so messy! planned to do it long time ago..finally had the chance! and Hippy was there with me!! Disturbing me! While I clean up my closet..I found a small hat..it's my hair accessories..and..
oiiiii yooo!! Act mystery wor..cover his eyes!
from side view..
act like so damn yeng woiiii!
want to pretend not to look at camera..
the botak poser
he actually stood there and didn't move at all while I snap snap snap XD
Hippy botak is coming!!
damn poser woiiiii!
pose until want to sleep already..or is it one of his another pose haha! =D

Hippy ar...botak already still can pose like pro woiii..I lose to him la haha! Calvin's camwhore picture also lose to him la..all the pictures taken by ME makes Hippy look so pro lehh haha! Of course ma..trained from young =D..Anyway,I'm watching Kaki Blue this saturday..=)))) I'm going to see Tik Lam! Miaw Fen! Joel! Tracy! Kar Yee! woooo-hoooooo~

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