I Gotta Feeling

August 16, 2009

HAHAHAHA I'm feeling happy today =D

Went to "Study In New Zealand" fair today..no..that's not why I'm happy..I'm happy because..I just won myself Black Eyed Peas album woooo-hoooooo~~
Apparently the 8th person who sms will get the album..and I'm the lucky number 8!!

Heard over the radio about winning this album so want to try my luck..use my phone text,my mom say need to register 1st..she registered before..so use her phone..I use her phone and start typing..forget which number to send to..aiyaa..forget about it..then my mom snatch the phone and search the number in her contact..I typed..

Liki: send to which number a? 3...
Mom: 3399
Liki: huh? 3...
Mom: 3399!
Liki: huh??
Mom: triple 3 and two 9
Liki: haha..haiyah sure cnt get ady..we delay here and there
Mom: try la =D

So we sent the sms..then stayed tune in the radio..after 2 songs and some advertisement

DJ: okay..we have the lucky winner number 8..Wah...Choy..Leng...~

My mom and I were like screaming in the car..laughed laughed laughed like crazy people..then my mom asked "Who is Black Eyed Peas?"

LOL..We didn't expect to win..

and now my mom's ringtone is Boom Boom Pow

Thank You One F.M

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