August 30, 2009

I'm so not prepared for the test..IELTS is basically like the english's a tertiary requirement..I need it as a requirement to study overseas..or locally..It's recognised internationally~

I was having terrible gastric last night..and my stomach stil ache this morning..sket ler~ First was the Listening test,followed by Reading and Writing..Oh gosh..the Listening was like disastrous! We were supposed to gather at 8.00am..guess what time start? 9.50pm!! I almost fell alseep!! And we were supposed to be given a wireless headphone but cannot be used! use radio..nevermind..the echo was terrible that some words I missed it!! Gahhh!! and writing..the question was something about travelling abroad but places all over the world seemed to be looking more and more similiar..what cause the increasingly similarity and does the advantages outweight the disadvantages? OMG..I totally stunt there! I don't know what to write!

Die lor!! Speaking was today..woke up early and dressed up nice's okay lar for me..the tough part is when he ask me "What does A-levels have to do with people?" I know Ms Joy always told us about that question but I forgot how to answer!! HOW??!! the cue card question was "what did you do with other children when you're young that you enjoyed most?" I talked about cooking competition! LAMO just c.r.a.p all the way man~

Die lor die lor!! I don't know I can get the band score 6.5 or not!! My RM550 for the examination fees ah!!!

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