Kaki Blue - A New Malaysian Musical

August 09, 2009

Before watching Kaki Blue,I went to Durian Fest at my house playground and ate durians for free!!YAY!! I ate like 10 durians!! delicious!!
waaaa lots of durians!!
I wanted to bring Lily although she's not my neighbour LOL
doing some funny faces eating ice-cream cz it's very hot

If you haven't get a ticket to watch Kaki Blue..you're missing all out!! Kaki Blue is a bold story about the courage and spirit of today's youth..It is about the many uniforms and roles we put on,and shed,as we grow up in this country..They are gonna sing 20 songs,acts and dances..they practise and practise very hard and put much effort in the play!

My family and I had dinner outside the KLPac(Kuala Lumpur Performing Art Centre) and then send me to watch the musical which starts at 8.30pm..we weren't late..but we entered late because Sin Chien and Meu Ye was late..the door was closed and we were begging them to let us in..and so we got in..XP Saw my choir juniors there..there was 11 of us there to watch the musical..
the stage b4 it starts..
Liki,Tik Lam,Kar Yee
Liki and Kar Yee
Kar Yee,Liki,Deborah,Kathleen and Tik Lam
my choir juniors~
we were enduring Miaw Fen..haha..she got the main character =)
us + Denise Yap
we present you ---> Lim Miaw Fen!
the BFF in the Kaki Blue!
now it's complete.. =)
the senior and junior of CHS Choir
Meu Ye and Liki camping in Kem KLPac

The Kaki Blue is sooooo cool you know!
look at the pictures on the newspaper!!

Another cool thing is..
enlarge it
enlarge it

They wrote there Lim Miaw Fen and Dylan Chan are both CHS Choir Conductor..yeshhhhh~~ damn cool weyyyy! Just so you know, Dylan Chan was the Best Conductor Of The State Level 2008 Click Here HAHA I saw Tik Lam! Miaw Fen! Joel! Tracy! Kar Yee!

After watching Kaki Blue,went yum cha with some the the Kaki Blue casts and the BFF..we yum cha until 1something in the morning!! haha!! It is super duper fun!!

Here's another reason why you should watch Kaki Blue Click Here

How to get your tickets? You can simply get the tickets from Lim Miaw Fen or Chan Tik Lam or call 03-40479000..get your ticket fast! the musical is until the 16th of August 2009..

Kaki Blue is AWESOME!!! You won't regret =)

Okay Tik Lam..you win..I regret I didn't go for Audition for Kaki Blue with you..there I said it..what to do..A-levels sucks ma..

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