Port Dickson Trip Day 1

August 23, 2009

Hello Port Dickson!! =D

supposed to remove my braces today but doctor say he wanna do some small surgery to my gum first then only remove..so I guess you guys will be seeing me with braces still XD..After going to the dentist,went back home and final pack my clothes cause I'm going to Port Dickson!! with who you asked? haha!! with my lovely 2A4 gang but this time only 4 of us are going..firstly,Kah Men is in Japan,Calvin and CJ are both going to Batu Caves so left 4 of us-Chin Ming,Liki,Wen Jie,Yik Luei XD

Yik Luei drove us from his house to Port Dickson..OMG! It was such a fun experience! I nvr had friends driving me to somewhere so far! I usually follow my parents only..now it's like..we're on our own!! What surprised me is that,Yik Luei didn't fill his petrol tank..reload money in his touch n go card and what else...hmmm..he did not check the tayar or engine also! LOL..on the way,we were looking for Petronas because he said he only fill the petrol from that petrol station =_=

We use GPS to help us to get there..none of us actually knew the way there..we just follow the sign board..we went to some weird places too! lol
like this LOL

It took us about 2 hours to reach Port Dickson..partly because we're looking for petrol station and also being lost..XD We stayed in Corus Beach Resort in Room 629 (I stil remember leh!!)..We got the sea side room!! yay!!Yik Luei was tired since he became the driver for whole day so Chin Ming,Wen Jie and I went to walk around at the beach side..
sea side view!
Chin Ming and I posing for my handbag?LOL
feel the sky~
friendship love
spot us =)
emo walk
nice view leh..
the sun glare!

After that,we went to look for food! Dinner time! OMG,the shops were like all closed! the whole city was like...dead!! I think the residents there prefer to cook themselves than going out to eat..so we drove quite far away from the city and finally saw one shop that is opened!! damn relieving haha =D we then drive around..stopping at different hotel to visit..Oh gosh,Legend Hotel there is so beautiful!! We planned to swim there tomorrow XD
Wen Jie-Liki-Chin Ming-Yik Luei
Legend Hotel swimming pool
Liki and Wen Jie

Went back hotel and walked to the sea side again..we sat there and chat since we didn't meet each other for a long time already..need to keep myself update!! We chat and chat..didn't realised we actually chat till 11pm? went back hotel quite late..took bath and prepare to sleep..It's good to be the only girl going to the trip because I get to use the bathroom first!! haha!! Usually Kah Men and I will be the only girl but she's in Japan =( wish you were here to teman me!
back to our hotel..
rest my eyes a while..
Anyway,it's quite late now..need to refresh myself for more fun tomorrow XD..I want to swim!!

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