Port Dickson Trip Day 2

August 24, 2009

Yesterday night was so cold! The air-cond was facing Wen Jie and me..we both were shivering the whole night! and we wanted to wake up at 8.00am to have the breakfast..but all of us were too tired to wake up..Wen Jie is always the one who woke up the earliest then wake us up..XD we woke up around 9.30am then went to have breakfast..the breakfast hour was until 10.00am only! Yik Luei is still sleeping like pig so we three just went down and eat..but we're not such a bad friend..we ask for tupperware and ta pao for him..
the driver and me

After taking bath..had breakfast..it's time to explore Port Dickson! Drove around the area..went to many different places..Port Dickson is like a place to relax..there's nothing to visit there! the beaches was like so polluted! We didn't even went down the sea because it was all like oil..black..brown colour..=/..see how dirty is that place..nobody is there also..I think nobody wants to go there for holiday already =(
Chin Ming and Liki
the thingy was actually on roadside..we jus got down the car and snap pictures XD lots of lizards!
cute parking spaces
2A4 is Port Dickson!
Pink Latte Author =)

The road in Port Dickson is very easy to recognise..it's just all the way straight and not much junction..we drove all the way down and straight till we almost reached the end of Port Dickson! Wen Jie wrote down lots of places on the way to stop by when we're on our way back..but we didn't managed to visit all the places..we only visited 4 places out of 11! hehe..
four of us travelling!
Yik Luei,Liki and Star (horse's name)

We stopped by to get some food and drinks as well..since it's Bulan Ramadhan we get some Ramadhan food! went to Blue Lagoon since CJ said it's quite a nice place and eat there..so cool ler..eat at seaside..chatting..with the wind blowing..hearing the sound of the waves..=) Then Boon Ping said there's a lighthouse nearby..which is about 15minutes walk..so we went up..OMG..they said "Do Not Enter After 7.00pm" but it was 6.30pm that time! So we quickly walk up and woah! I finally reached the lighthouse..It was beautiful! I couldn't manage to climb the stairs already so only Wen Jie and Yik Luei went up..they even took a video for me and Chin Ming..haha..they say can see corals from there..I wonder..hmmm
eating by seaside!
posing XP
we are the champions!
waaa so hot!
Wen Jie's sexy style
imitating Yik Luei's style
long time no "sea"
Yik Luei-Wen Jie-Chin Ming-Liki
very hot la..
footprints in the sand
welcome to Hutan Rekreasi Tanjung Tuan!
weeeeeeeeeeeee~ Melaka??
I love the picture a lot..look! moon and sun at the same time!

Anyway,it's almost late night already..we went back to our hotel and had buffet dinner..saw some ppl doing drama so we just watched from the side..quite bored..I'm sure Chin Ming can do much better XD..we even saw grandmother dancing in the pub! seriously it's damn cool..I never see before lor!! Then,we went to Legend Hotel to swim! Although we're not a guest there =P..what to do..our hotel don't allow anyone to swim at night..swimming at night is cool! We swam around 10pm like that..

The whole swimming pool was just us XD..and the sky was dark..seemed like gonna rain soon~ but we just swim for a while..wanna get ourselves wet after such a long sweaty and hot day..we even took stupid video..it was pure random..seriously!

Went back and we're all tired already..slept around 1am..tomorrow is college..guess what's my plan? read the next post..or you can already guess XP

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