Choir Reunion + Yik Luei's Farewell

September 23, 2009

It's gonna be the last night I'm spending with Yik Luei before he fly to Russia..I think the next time I'll be meeting him will be..hmmm..7 years from now..anyhow I'm so glad that he found his own path to walk =) I didn't went to Lagoon with Wen Jie,Chin Ming,Yik Luei and Calvin on Saturday..sorry least u enjoyed urself hehe

At 7pm,I went to Sri Petaling LRT Station to fetch Chia Feng and Jie Min..then we headed to Yik Luei's house..wanted to makan at Murni but it was we went MJ instead..
Liki and Chen Foong
as usual..last to finished eating..wait..haven't finished yet!and it's already 1 hour..
group picture of all of us there =) oh wait,Kheng Hoe went home already haha
Liki and Jie Min..LOL he camera-phobic..LOL
Ying Hui,Jimmy,Chia Feng,Jie Min,Liki,Dylan
Only 3 of us being in CHS Choir since form 1 =D

After makan,we went to Cineleisure just to have a walk..I don't really know 1u places..and I thought 1u was Cineleisure! My goodness..damn pai seh LOL!

"Sitting in Liki's car damn extra miles =)" - Chen Foong-


Basically we just walk around and take
walking to cineleisure
Jimmy and Liki
Briana and Liki
Lawton and Liki
Ying Hui and Liki
candid shot
Moon River LOL
CHS Choir and the Conductor
Dylan,Willion and Liki..haha
Chen Foong and Liki
#1 Shopping Mall
#2 Shopping Mall
#3 Shopping Mall
#4 Shopping Mall
Zoom-in view of the picture above
everyone squeezed
we'll always be with you
I'm so used to having him around..

I sent Jie Min and Chia Feng back around 1am..OMG Jie Min's house damn street cars..It's really damn "ulu" haha..Chia Feng and I was like damn sket especially when we suddenly saw a petrol station..with a very very dim light..and NOBODY is there haha..I speed 100km/h home..

Will be sending Yik Luei to airport how we did for Carmen =) I hope I don't cry tomorrow!!

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  1. Haha, next time beta dun fetch Jie Min home, later we see something more terrible XD

  2. Yeah omg I cannot imagine anything worst that that..don't wanna go there really damn haunted lor!

  3. yea yea... luckily we're safe... lol

  4. although you and him stay near..but it's like totally different world LOL!!!

  5. Yea, 1 is near to "hell", and 1 is near to "heaven" ... XD

  6. so wan come heaven come to my house XD

  7. haha! "heaven" and "hell" pulak..your house at least it's brighter! got road side lamp la at least! LOL!

  8. no juz road side lamp, got road side newspaper shop, mamak stall, bus stop, 7-11, restaurant, etc.... XP

  9. LOL so much better than Jie Min..your house der so convenient! can get anything nearby =)

  10. ya... but too bad no CC, no swimming pool, no Big shopping mall, etc... T.T

  11. but ur area consider very nice and lucky ady area got CC,swimming pool..aha! ur nearest shopping mall is IOI Mall?

  12. no but giant XD
    yer.... da thing that my housing area dun hav, u have...T.T

  13. eeeee Giant got nothing one LOL =D

  14. got~~ free testing food and drink XD


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