Close One Eyes

September 08, 2009

I went to CHS in the afternoon to have short break with Calvin and CJ..but CJ seems to be very instead,Shi Ning,Ren Hong,Zhen Ting,Calvin and 2 of my juniors accompany me =D Long time didn't eat school canteen is much better than my current canteen lor! So expensive and yet taste like blaaaa...

On my way back from CHS,I saw this
hahahaah! I took like 28 pictures of this lorry with the toy HAHA
hooooo hoooooooo!!! So poor thing ler..

I received Kah Men's letter from Japan today =D..with the Hello Kitty Manicure!! Loving it haha!!

Gahhh..Having mock examination this week..Oh see,I can create an equation:
Chemistry + Physics = D.I.E

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