Did Somebody Said Noodle?

September 29, 2009

ahhh...my stomach is so full..Just ate maggi mee XD Come to think of it,I've ate maggi mee for two consecutive days! Kinda reminds me of Koon Rui having maggi everyday! my cousin brother used to love maggi! He ate it every single day for about few months..then his hair started falling off..he was so terrified! Doctor say it's the MSG effect and since my cousin brother cares about his physical appearance(I have no idea what's wrong with guys and hair HAHA)..so he quit eating maggi since then..


Anyway,was just curious about maggi mee so I went and google it..

Do you know different countries has different name to called for Maggi Mee?

Malaysia calls it Maggi Mee
China calls it Kuai Shu Mien
Taiwan calls it Instant Noodle
Japan calls it Ramen
Korea calls it Nissin
Germany calls it Instant-Nudeln
Indonesia calls it Indo-Mie
United Kingdom calls it Cup Noodle

(not really sure,correct me if I'm wrong)

According to the National Trends in Instant Noodles Demands,Malaysia is the 13th country with 12.1million packets in 2008..quite a lot huh?but compared with China,Hong Kong,they consumed 451.7million in 2009! Scary~
sedaaaap larh!

Read this too:
"MSG does NOT become toxic from heat. Chemically that's impossible.
And wax does not take 5 days, it is passed out at the same rate as the fibers in your diet. Furthermore, wax is not harmful in normal amounts, there are various candies that are wax based, and wax-based non-toxic crayons that children chew on. It is scientifically impossible to get wax to stick on the walls of intestines."

Not sure how true it is but just don't eat so often lor..I didn't eat maggi mee for like..2 years plus you know? Just started recently XD..it's tasty for me! haha..Well I do have some friends that dislike maggi mee..
I'm very particular about food..I like to eat healthy foods!When I was young,I hate em' but grew up liking it =)
you cut nice nice I sure eat XD

guess I'm on my way of becoming a Nutritionist! haha!Owh you don't know?My ambition is to become a Nutritionist/Dietician larh =)

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  1. I remember you told me you want to be a nutritionist. xD cool maggi mee post xD

  2. I cut nice nice then you can eat happily lo haha

  3. maggi~~~~ but I prefer Indo Mee~~~

  4. >Winnie: haha yeah XD cool mah can help ppl

    >Anonymous: can can..must got love shape..star shape..etc..XD

    >Aaron CF: Indo Mee is the dry wan is it? yeah I like that too haha..basically I like Maggi,Indo Mee,Har Mee and 1 is duck noodle,dunno wat brand =P

  5. lolness... 1 more, maggi goreng at mamak stall~~~ XD

  6. eh u know where maggi goreng nice a?why those I eat like okok only =/

  7. of course~ da 1 at the back of my home XD

  8. really?eh got time I ask u bring me der =)

  9. if and onli if i hav car and license...T.T

  10. eh why u dun wanna go take car license exam wor!

  11. owh! when is your driving exam?

  12. L license... going to take ASAP before end of next week XP

  13. eh sorry,just get to actually blog and read comments..so..u took already? =D

  14. yea... and miracle-ly, I failed XD

  15. nvm lah..not evry1 pass de lah..driving is quite tough LOL u fail which part?

  16. part c ... T.T
    summore it's juz 5 marks more...T.T


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