Holiday Just Like That..

September 28, 2009

College starts tomorrow and I don't want to gooooooooooo~~

I hate college..seriously..not because of the friends and's because of the terribly fixed schedule and there's so much to study! Not to mentioned AS is nowhere far! RAWR! hair is kinda wavy now..just took bath XD

I didn't do much this holiday..
Monday -> Home
Tuesday -> Yik Luei's Farewell Dinner
Wednesday -> Send Yik Luei to Airport
Thursday -> Home
Friday -> Home
Saturday ->Home
Sunday -> Home

Waaaa..not bad..I think this is a big improvement!! I'm home 71% of the time!! wooo-hoooo~Usually I'll be out ALL the time but I just want to stay home for this holiday =/ I can't imagine how college is going to be the lecturers gonna yell at me for my terrible results T____T I took this two weeks to..urm..medidate at stand up after being pushed down..Don't push me down again!!
this picture is so cute cz Hippy is sleeping behind HAHA
See! Even Hippy looked so reluctant cz he'll be lonely without Liki XD

My eyes keep swollen..

"yeah lah..big eyes got more dirt go in" -Kai Yuan-

Will be busy for college and tons of works to prepare for AS..You can keep visiting to see if there's any update..or else read my previous post if you had missed any =)

Read my blog and get addicted..muahahaha

It's clear that you're obsessed with me

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  1. will keep visiting to check for updates :)

  2. hmmmm... boring for my holiday... >.<

  3. >Anonymous: thanks for your support =)

    >Aaron CF: no lah..thinking of Canada or New Zealand..u holiday meh?O.o

  4. of course...till 19th of october... XP

  5. OMG so good! nvm I oso study break..but it's not HOLIDAY cz i still need to study!!!

  6. pity u..~~~~ >.<
    but I'm boring...T.T

  7. bored cuz of?I thought your 2nd sem wanna start ady?

  8. har..then u still holiday now?

  9. yea, tmr start school... finally got some stuff to do XD

  10. good lor..or not u rust at home LOL

  11. rusted... summore can use to plant mushroom adi XD

  12. LOL! swt lah you! the mushroom can eat a not? =P

  13. dunno wor, u wan try??? (pluck 1 and give u)


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