Last Day.Last Words.

September 24, 2009

Once upon a time,


I realised I didn't really have a chance to talk to you after we broke up..

Things seems to be different after you end a relationship?But,there's something between us that still holds the friendship,love and care..the 2A4 and the BFF

Both 2A4 and BFF are different groups..different gangs..I think I'm closer to you in 2A4..partly because the group is smaller and we are in that group since 2005!!We've been through all sorts of things together as a group..Such a miracle we still can last till now..then you joined choir in 2006 and from there,we get to know the BFF members and formed a group called BFF =) the idea of BFF is damn random I still rmb! Comes from that day,we were having lunch in Kanna Curry House and that Calvin Tan,President was so damn blur haha!

Don't know how and when..we started to have feelings for each other and got together..You were sitting in front of me in form 2 and even after we changed place in class,you were behind of me..I keep bugging you because you're so cool and quiet! BAHA! We were separated from 2A4 in form 3,4 and 5 but 2A4 really stick together..and going choir competition every year talks about teamwork right? =) We even joined YKLS together..and quit together LOL
(because you going to Russia and I'm having AS)

You are determined to be a doctor..haha..I don't know how and when but you are just determined! Even Chin Ming was so afraid looking at you reading a very thick medical book..LOL! I'm very proud of you..because you know exactly which path you want to go! and me,just strolling around leaving my life to fate..

hmmm pose what arh?
ahh..I think I know..
2A4 gang!!

I know it's hard to leave your family,friends and your loved ones in Malaysia to study overseas but be glad that you can purse for your ambition =) oh boy,I myself can't imagine how am I going to face the same thing when I'm going to pursue my degree overseas next year..or next next year..

He rarely shows his emotion but I know he cared about people around him very much =)He is a mysterious person and cool XD maybe that's what attracts girls haha..I really really need some time to get used to him not being around

There's a lot more that happened and I want to share but..*ahem* it's kinda too public here..Anyway I'm really glad that we can still be best friends after all that has happened..
Michael Chia Yik Luei,remember that you're always in our heart no matter where you go..No words to describe the meaning of friends, everything is in the heart!

Have a safe trip to Russia and all the best in everything =)

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  1. this reminds me of my ex-girlfriend..I miss her so much..

    touching post..great job :)

  2. O.O... now I onli know... XP
    haiz, noob la... dunno anything X(

  3. >Anonymous: err..actually I never thought of even going back together with him..even if I miss something from past relationship,it'll jus be all the memories and times we spent together that's all =)

    >Aaron CF: haha no la..a lot of people don't know =P

  4. wokay~~
    I'm not the onli 1 who noob XD

  5. LOL we keep it a secret so nobody knows..even until we broke up also nobody knows we're together before haha

  6. lol.... good secret time got secret find u ar... XP

  7. later if my secret bongkar adi...
    I know who's da spreader...=.= XP

  8. *staring at u* =_=.... fine~ spreader~~~~~


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