This Is Just A Beginning

September 14, 2009

Been sleeping around 2-3am lately..sometimes 4am..
coffee anyone?

I've checked my IELTS results already..It was quite satisfying for me because I wasn't in a very good condition during the examination..I got more than what I expect =) Anyway,it's over now..

I finished my mock examination today..Last paper -> Mathematics =) Overall was okay for me la..Just some careless mistakes here and there..(I hope not too much)

Well,since I'll be studying and there's nothing to blog about..I plan to close down my least until my finals are over..I'm not sure about you but for me,blogging is definately very distracting..and also addictive =) same goes to facebook..all the games..tags..I need to ban myself from all that..

Boon Ping told me his friend uninstall MSN just to finish his final project LOL

Owh well..maybe..MAYBE..I'll blog when I need to distress..or maybe I'll blog this week because...kekekeke*evil laugh*..LOL,I'm going to dental surgery tomorrow AND maybe..maybe only..removing my braces..and so if I did,I'll blog..gua..hehe

Countdown : 30 more days to AS Final
Wait for me? =)

What I need is encouragement..not pressure..

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  1. ooo what a pity that you are shutting down your blog =/ i am surely gonna miss it, and certainly your friends will be missing it as well. AS no need to sket wan~ just try our best, pour all your heart and sinew as well as determination to score an absolute A hehehehe no problem, gambateh =)

  2. haha..not really shut down la..just not going to blog that often..haha at least I know you have something to miss XD well..I don't know lar..AS seems kinda tough..need to stay strong la me! haha..thanks for ur advice =)


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