September 11, 2009

I just did my Chemistry Paper 1 and 2 yesterday and Physics Paper 1 and 2 today..OMG screwed like hell..

It's not like I didn't work for it..No matter how much effort I put..I never get what I want..

Thought of giving up studies and just go for Performing Arts..but wait..my singing are just normal..dancing also normal..acting also normal..nothing special compared with other performers..

On the other side..I can't wait for the World Choir Games next year =D

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  1. Stay in science stream la =) it brings much more benefits. Yes it is difficult, but i am sure you wont continue moaning, complaining neither wail about it. Just continue on and move along~~ nothing is impossible if u try hard ;)

    p/s everyone is backing up on you including me....

  2. yes I know it..It's hard road to walk..glad that I have to walk through this with me..thanks =)


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