Boon Wei's And Eng Yuan's Birthday!

October 17, 2009

It's the Tan's Birthday and both on the same day haha!I was actually very tired today but I guess it's okay just to go out and have dinner..I celebrated for these two last year too! Click Here We went to Kajang for satay weeeeeeeeee~ First time sat Mun Hon's car and Choon Lim's car! weeeeee~

First time eat Ketupat! First time eat Otak-otak! Okay,felt like I'm no Malaysian haha! but but but even my mom never tried otak-otak before! See! Bluekk!

After dinner,went to buy cake for them and to Mun Hon's house..chillin' out..laugh..haha!
Astin,Liki,Wei Ji and Debbie
Liki,Boon Wei,Debbie
I'm with both of the birthday boy! =D
This is Eng Yuan beside me
and this is Boon Wei beside me
Look at my pro mahjong face LOL
group picture before anyone of us left..

I had a great day because I haven't seen them for so long already!=) Haha..and I'm very excited because I'm removing my braces tomorrow! =D

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  1. hmmmm .... long time didn't boon wei adi... XP(think for a while...)oh!, and you XD

  2. yeah lah! faster come out lah! xD

  3. no $, no time, and no car XD *speak confidencely*(lol)

  4. haha! go get $ get time and get car lor xD

  5. no la, get $, waste time, and ask ppl fetch then can adi XD *point at u*

  6. LOL!! *lookaround* *pointatanotherrandomperson*


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