Cupcake Workshop

October 09, 2009

My own-made cupcake!!!
saw my name?just the decorating part =P

I was texting Xian Tze yesterday..needed his help to reformat my laptop! Something wrong with my laptop..there's a weird random line at the bottom of the laptop!and my msn is so annoying keep sending those links to other people! Don't click ya! But,Xian Tze says he is going to Cupcake Workshop..haha! Asked me if I would wanna follow..wooopeeedooopeee~

It's my first time making cupcakes!!We gathered at 12.45pm and there's someone brought us up to 5th the pastry kitchen!! weee..hoooO~~
cupcakes that is baked already
coloured icing
haha giant spatula!
it is for you to spread the icing on top of the cupcake =)
looking serious
eatable snowman!
it doesn't look like snowman now =D
ooooo~ decorating time =D
final results~
my teddy and my cupcake =D
those who attended the cupcake workshop =)
packing and going home luuu

I had fun weeeeee~At least it is some events for me to chill out..Other than that my face will be facing the book..Yes Boon Ping,you can call me nerd like how you did for YEARS..

Anyway cupcakes are sooo sweet lahh..I don't like to eat but I like to make one!If I make one you all must eat ahhh! Haha =D

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  1. first to comment first to comment!!
    hahahahha nice cupcakes lee
    got make some for me ah 0.o
    i want the one with "liki" word wan
    hahahahha give me that!!!!
    anyway glad you enjoy yourself out of these few weeks of stress =DDD

  2. lol... it's looks like cannot makan 1 ... XP

  3. >Blazin' Beta: haha happy la u first to comment =D..yeah I keep the cupcakes in fridge like u said ady..dunno whether friday stil can eat or nor =X u also dun so stress laaa =)

    >Aaron CF: eh can makan wan lehhh!! looks like from bakery shop nehhh =PPPPP

  4. tell da truth, i dun dare to eat... XD

  5. it's very very safe wan lahhh! so tasty summore *force u eat*

  6. very sedap leeeeee~ actually it's stil in my fridge now..nobody dare to eat..too colourful ady LOL and u know colourful animals are the most dangerous ones? xD

  7. yala... too colourful=poisonous..~.~..
    u still ask me to eat?? *smile*

  8. haha =) dangerous only syok mah..when u work hard get something only u feel such nice food,u so hard eat..sure worth geh

  9. I dun wan after I eat for 1 bite, then I see a holy light around me... XD

  10. holy light good mah..make u feel angelic and innocent xDDDD

  11. and there's a pair of wings at my back and a halo on my head... oh~ I heard my father in heaven calling me XD

  12. CHOI MAN! *pull you back* haha

  13. wee~ ... or maybe my head got 2 horns, and black wings, and a big big fork plus a tail.... *grin*

  14. HAHA then u better eat my cupcakes MUAHAHA


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