Playboy - New Fragrance For Men

October 12, 2009

It's been a long time since I write something in this small little box..haha..I know this events was weeks ago but I would still like to post about it..

A lot of people asked "Why didn't you join the Bunny Search Contest?" haha..nahhh,I was having doctor's appointment that day so I didn't get to take part lor..nvm time next time..haha =D But if I join I also need supporter de ma correct?
the Russian Models and me..

meet new friend there =)

Anyway,my dad worked as advertisers he do events and stuff..Currently he just finished on Mamil Gold -Baby's Milk Powder and now doing iFeel Girl Search event,I think..he is too busy! My dad did LOTS of events..any girls interested to join?Wanna be in the magazine? =D The Playboy Roadshow wasn't done by my dad,but it was done by my dad's I followed my dad to the roadshow..take a look dad chatted with his friends while I walked around taking pictures haha!
the set up..

Why you should buy Playboy Fragrance? my opinion,it smells goooooooood~ really!I'm very picky in choosing perfume or colon!The ones I like were those expensive expensive cost up to RM300+!In terms of price,the Playboy Fragrance considered very very cheap already..short words:chap,affortable,lovable! I personally likes Miami Playboy and Malibu Playboy <3
kiss kisslimited edition keychain!

In the Roadshow,when u purchase one or two Playboy fragrance,you get to play games and win prizes!Well,I wasn't sure what games they had but I know some of the prizes:the limite edition keychain,Playboy socks,Playboy notebook,etc..they should have give away the Lamborghini eh?Sure a lot of people buy the fragrance already haha!And you get to take pictures with 2-3 Russian models! ooooo and with Lamborghini! At least pretend it is yours for few seconds! haha
there are games to play..
I copy the Russian Model pose LOL
bunny man!
Deepavali decorations..

Anyway,it's kind of a waste if you didn't attend the roadshow..It's good to have a dad who worked as see how they set up and all..There was once my dad did an event in Sunway Pyramid..usually they set up in the midnight..and they have to set up in the middle of the ice-skating ring..I get to skate and play with the ice for FREE! fun eh? =)

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  1. first to comment again. Wow seriously i am good at this. XD anyway nice post thanks for the miami playboy. Love it ^^ hahahaha nice pose with the russian models =) sexy~

  2. haha! good at this pula =P yeah I miss the Miami Playboy smell lerr! thanks for ur compliment =P

  3. dun put the icon =P put the icon =) looks better hahahaha

  4. no difference wat..this one =P is with the tongue stick out only XD


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