Playboy Roadshow

October 11, 2009

Playboy has launched a new fragrance for men!!

and there's lamborghini!!!
Thanks to Nuffnang and Playboy,I had the best selling fragrance Miami Playboy and Malibu Playboy =)
picture with Lamborghini =)

I gave the Malibu Playboy to my brother and Miami Playboy to the boyfriend =) I'll do a proper post and update more about the night roadshow..psssss...

sneak peak: there'll photo of me with Russian models and the car =)

Sorry for not updating so long! There's something wrong with my laptop and I'm having exam..can't blog..bare with me okay? Keep visiting for updates..muahhhx

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  1. eh dun give ppl muahxx. Give me only wahahaha XD i want your muahxx lolx. Thanks for the miami fragrance it rocks! Even my bro wanna try it ady lolx


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